Diencephalon – Anatomy, Types, Structure, Functions

The¬†diencephalon¬†is part of the¬†prosencephalon, also known as the¬†forebrain. The diencephalon(or¬†interbrain) is a division of the¬†forebrain¬†(embryonic¬†prosencephalon) and is situated between the telencephalon and the midbrain (embryonic¬†mesencephalon). The diencephalon has also been known as the ‘tweenbrain¬†in older literature.[rx] It consists of structures Read more

Cerebellar Dysfunction – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Cerebellar dysfunction causes balance problems and gait disorders along with difficulties in coordination resulting in ataxia, uncoordinated movements, imbalance, speech problems(dysarthria), visual problems (nystagmus) and vertigo as a part of the vestibulocerebellar system. Cerebellar dysfunction causes balance problems and gait disorders along with difficulties Read more