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A tea mug is a kind of small instrument or pot, that is used to drinks tea or coffee. We are familiar with this mug because it the most essential pot in our house. If you think about how the way our day starts, certainly we say it starts with drinking tea or coffee. But we are not careful about buying this instrument. Bad we are nor careful about or which material is used to making coffee mug or artificial mug. A bad quality mug may hamper your health condition, by causing show poisoning to your body. To make coffee or tea mog are used some types are chemical that is dangerous for our health. So let go to know what saying in science about tea mug or coffee mug.

What Say Science about tea mug or coffee mug

A continuous deformation and making process between a coffee mug and a donut illustrating that they are homeomorphic (topologically equivalent). The mug is made by using the most popular homeomorphism in topology. There have two types of objects that are homeomorphic if anyone can be deformed in different ways without cutting or gluing. Thus in topology technology, a mug is equivalent (homeomorphic) to a doughnut as it can be reshaped into a best shot by a continuous deformation, without cutting, breaking, punching holes, or gluing.[rx]

It has other topological example is a mug with two handles, which is similar to a double torus, and the object resembling the number 8.[rx] So the mug without a handle or a bowl and beaker, is topologically equivalent to a saucer, which is quite evident when the same raw clay bowl is flattened on a potter’s wheel.[rx]

Type of Tea Mug

  • Early mug
  • shaving mug
  • Tiki Mug
  • Travels mug

SWEAR Porcelain Tea Mug

The mug is made with the latest quality technology that is healthy for everyone.  It is easy to clean and has a perfect, looking is a great defuser, the packaging is easy to shift ane place to another. It has also a great advantage is not break if it falls fro hand. Holding handles is excellent even small children can drink coffee or tea. The outer side is less hot comparing the inner side.

Why it great!

  • It has a simple and stylish looking appearance, a graceful handle from heat protection, and has a high-grade infuser. It must decorate your life with colorful cups, keep you in a good heart touching mood.
  • Another advantage of this mug has a deep infuser, easy to filter tea leaves and brew tea, helps you save time in boiling tea.
  • It has the surprising advantage is the different swear cup is made of high-quality porcelain system, which is breakage-prooved; The tea infuser is 18/8 stainless steel, The lid also can be used as a tray for the infuser.
  • It is a super and special gift for your family friends, lovers, and so on. Deliver your surprise quickly!

The FAB  and Starpoint Disney Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug

It is great on its specialty because with an intend to chip in the rin and painting and designing also excellent. It made of metallic gold trims and a sweet face of chip that added extra beauty. Easy packaging system and you can gift only one for a special occasion whether for women, man, and teen. The mug has originally measurement 4.75 x 4 x 3.75 inches, and due to the gold color printing is not a microwave or dishwasher safe system. Wash it thoroughly before use.

  • It has a great advantage with an indented chip on the rim (created with a paint effect), metallic gold trims, and the sweet face of the chip from beauty and the beast this coffee mug is sure to delight anyone fan of the beloved one disney movie.
  • The mug measures 4.75 x 4 x 3.75 inches in measurement and due to the gold foil printing is not microwave or dishwasher safe. washing systems is so easy it thoroughly before use.
  • The surprising advantage is whether it’s for kids, women, men, or teens – this mug will be loved by Chip fans, making it cool and also has a unique gift idea for Christmas, holidays, and birthdays.
  • Ready forgiving, this adorable mug comes in a box with sketches of beauty, beast, chip, and Potts.


It has a popular way to store mugs is on a ‘mug tree’, or any other wooden or metal pole mounted on a round base and fitted with pegs to hang mugs by their handles. There are also racks style designed for keeping on hanging mugs so that they are ready to hand. Those are especially also added useful on ships in one place to another in high waves.

So you must try to buy some types of a good and healthy beneficiary tea mug delightful your everyday


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